Chapter 34: The Vortex


Wow! This is just stunning, don’t you think?

Here we have two phenomena, orders and orders of magnitude apart with respect to size, and yet, their characteristics, their flow patterns and their overall forms are just the same.

The galaxy shown extends about 50,000 light years in every direction from the center (each light year is about 5.86 * 1012 miles, remember?), exists alone in space, and represents a shape that matter assumes when it is allowed to self-organize. And it’s a pretty common form, galaxy-wise.

And then there’s the hurricane. It is another self-organizing feature, one that has its genesis from a puff of hot air, a sneeze from a butterfly in Africa, that goes on to become one of the largest, powerful and most destructive (from our point of view) entities on our planet. The red spot on Jupiter is actually a hurricane, too; an extremely large one. One could almost say that it is alive; birthed as a tropical storm in the warm bed of the Atlantic (or Pacific) ocean, it grows and feeds off of the thermal energy that it finds there. When it becomes a true hurricane, it develops an eye, a central core of stillness and calm that opens itself up to the heavens as if to peer out from the clouds that support its structure and gaze upon the stars of the universe for a look outward during its brief life.

Not unlike us.

It harvests the heat of the ocean, causing it to stir, changing its flows and altering the environment that it creates. Is it alive? Is it self aware? Is a virus self aware? An amoeba? How do we divide the living from the non-living? A Hurricane is born, feeds, develops into a highly organized and self supporting system, and then dies and decomposes back into the elements of the Earth from which it was born. Some would say that the Earth too, is alive and that its myriad self organizing systems (the creation of islands and continents, the ocean currents), the fact that it hums (actually, it does, at a frequency of about 56 Hz) and that it supports and seemingly encourages thousands and thousands of different and unique other life forms are all evidence of a life force that resides within the rocks and stones and the outer layers that comprise our planet.

OK, that’s a little too far out there, even for me. I do think that although life pervades the universe, the universe itself is not alive.

But in looking at those pictures, and the forms of the two vastly different phenomena that vary so greatly in time, scale, substance, environment, energy, components and forces that drive their existence; you have to be struck with how similar that they both are. Self organizing systems.

These are snapshots of Spiral motion, the third dimension.

These are forms that cannot be accurately described using the tools we have developed thus far. Our Linear Dimension, by definition, has no rotational component. Likewise, the Rotation Dimension has no preeminently defined length. Obviously, the structures shown above have both, but they have more than that; they also have a form that exhibits a structured relationship between the rotation and the linear. And they have one other thing: they have height (or depth). They must be three dimensional because, you know, they’re vortexes.

They each exhibit a form built upon a constant ratio between those constituents that provide the architecture that shapes them this way, a ratio that involves a magic number; and that number is Phi (pronounced ‘fee’).

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