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Albert Einstein changed history and influenced the author. Perhaps he didn't go far enough...

Albert Einstein changed history and influenced the author. Perhaps he didn’t go far enough…

Some people, especially those that make the effort, dream about becoming a famous author. They relish the thought of becoming well known, fabulously well-to-do, and having the privilege of spending their days committing words to paper; to be recognized, widely read and to appear at author signings, on talk shows and publicity events.

That’s not me.

Of course, anyone that takes the time to write something, especially something as long as a book, hopes that someone will actually read, and hopefully enjoy the thoughts, descriptions and meanings that they have put upon the page. After all, isn’t that what Facebook is all about?

But that was never my motivation, well, at least not in a big way.

This book speaks more to a lifelong obsession to understand the way that our universe is put together, to understand why things are the way that they are, and why they must do the things that they do.

I’ve been having to deal with this desire for almost my entire adult life, although due to the paths that I’ve taken, have pretty much shunned formal academic study in this field in favor of research and reading on my own. It used to be much harder to do than it is now. We old timers used to have to find and read real books, magazines, professional journals and the like to follow and understand the current trends in scientific and critical thought, and to study the subjects that we hold dear.

The web has changed all of that.

Now, in two or three clicks, one can visit CERN or the Keck Telescope site and be rewarded with fabulous pictures and stories with links to articles, papers and references that can take one on a whole journey into esoteric thought without ever having to leave one’s kitchen; if you have Wi-Fi in your home, that is.

But I digress.

I’m allowed to since this is my autobiography, of sorts.

I’ve had the privilege of having an extremely rich life, but not in terms of money. It hasn’t always been easy, or even fun, but it has allowed me a perspective, a freedom of sorts, to think about many extraordinary things, and to have experiences that many only sit pining for, in the comfort of their homes. I’ve had the joys and trials of building my home with my own hands, delivering my children when my wife gave birth, attempting to build a better future through the use of solar energy and experiencing a closeness to nature that comes from maintaining a property with a large yard, gardens, trees and flowers. I’ve raised and slaughtered my own farm animals, taught kindergarten, owned and operated several businesses (mostly in the construction field), designed and built space experiments and managed to get into the Space Shuttle Columbia. When my wife of almost four decades was fatally stricken with cancer, I got an in-depth lesson about grace and caring. One never actually recovers from a loss such as that, but one can learn more about what is true, good and important, how to be more understanding and giving, and what it takes to pick oneself up and carry on.

And so I have.

I’ve been writing this book for at least 15 years now. Not continuously mind you, I’ve taken many long breaks, rewritten many chapters, and struggled with the best ways to convey the messages included in it. And every time that I tried to put it aside and just forget about it, for one reason or another, several weeks or months later my mind would bring it back to the forefront, and keep reminding me about the topics that I needed to finish.

I wrote this book because I just had to.

One could easily spend an entire lifetime writing only one book, constantly polishing and rewording, searching for the best combination of words to express the true meaning or emotion that one is attempting to bring to life. But at some point, you have to say: “Enough is enough!”, and just put it out there.

Like many others that study the field of Physics, I long to understand everything, to catch at least a glimpse of the Grand Unified Theory, that set of mathematics that can somehow almost magically provide a set of equations that could be used to describe all matter in a concise expression, and I came to the conclusion many years ago that one of the primary reasons that we have been unable to create those equations is that we’re simply not using the correct language to express the observations that we’ve made. And while the thoughts and concepts presented in this book fall far short of providing the complete description of a true GUT, they do offer new and different explanations for those observations, ones that are based on a more natural and prevalent phenomenon: motion.

And so, I’ve determined to share my thoughts using the vehicle of this electronic medium.

In many ways, it’s much more satisfying than trying to publish a book in the conventional way, because with the web, one can completely ignore the profit aspects of printing, yet still have the ability to reach virtually any audience in the world. There are no costs to recoup, no printing deadlines, and no publisher insisting that you absolutely need to attend that book signing that he’s scheduled for you in Kenosha on Sunday at 5:30. It’s just me (well, and my web developer) putting my thoughts out there into cyberspace where a reader, a browser, a searcher of sorts can stumble upon it and read it; or not.So here it is. Maybe I’m just another crank, with some crazy ideas looking for some kind of validation. Or maybe, possibly, this is the key to unlocking more of the secrets of the cosmos in our quest to comprehend the reality that we inhabit. I’ll leave that for you to decide.

But I do know this: No one that I’ve ever read, including dear Dr. Einstein, has attempted to upend the accepted conventional wisdom regarding Geometry and Number Theory, and managed to describe it in a language that is accessible not just to the dually initiated, but to regular people with inquiring minds.

So please accept this gift in the spirit that it has been given. If it makes sense to you, and I think that it will, then let it be your springboard to think bigger thoughts, to open your mind to the possibility that ‘one’ is at the center of our universe and that maybe, one day, we can quit trying so hard to kill each other and work together to build a world that is more interesting for adults and safe for children.

Thanks for looking.

As my current, lovely wife would say: “Don’t die with your music left inside of you.”

I won’t, dear.

– O. Penurmind

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