albert_einstein_256515There is no other book that is quite like this one.

The author is aware that that is not necessarily a good thing.

This book contains an alternate description for the most fundamental aspects of nature and mathematics, a new geometry, and a different definition to use to describe the phenomena that surround us. Many, especially those whose knowledge field favors mathematical rigor, will find this dissertation too superficial and lacking in true scientific discipline. That will be unfortunate.

For the precepts contained herein are the first reassessment of the way that we parse and view the nature of space and time since Euclid set forth his famous theories of geometry. Not even Dr. Einstein or the String Theorists have gone this far to redefine the way we perceive the universe around us, and yet, in many ways this book brings an interpretation of the aspects of nature that is more basic, more down to earth, than the most popular methods in use today.

This new perspective has been described using a language and tone that will, hopefully, make it accessible to many, rather than to only a few.

It is the author’s hope that the strategies presented herein will provide a more effective vehicle for the description of the world that surrounds us at both the cosmological and microscopic levels, and allow the explanations that will further the growth of the human intellect and our understanding of the universe in general.

Woe be to any that will use this knowledge for war machines.

Start with Chapter 1. 

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