Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Euclidean Geometry

Chapter 3: Number Theory, Part 1

Chapter 4: Cartesian Geometry

Chapter 5: Number Theory, Part 2 

Chapter 6: Time 

Chapter 7: Motion

Chapter 8: Rotation: The Misunderstood Dimension 

Chapter 9: The Point of the Problem

Chapter 10: Calculating Distances

Chapter 11: Zero, the Discontinuity 

Chapter 12: Special Relativity

Chapter 13: The Quantum and the Photoelectric Effect

Chapter 14: Quantum Theory, the Surfer’s version

Chapter 15: The Wave Particle-Duality

Chapter 16: Schrodinger: The Dead Cat and the Letter ‘i’ 

Chapter 17: QED, QCD and the Standard Model 

Chapter 18: The General Theory of Relativity (the highly abbreviated version) 

Chapter 19: Time Travel: The Ultimate Cartesian and Static Earth Fantasy

Chapter 20: The Gravity Conundrum

Chapter 21: Winding up the Universe with a Small Ball of String

Chapter 22: The Twin Paradox and Other Relativistic Conundrums

Part II: A Reality Based Geometry

Chapter 23: Starting Over 

Chapter 24: The General Roundness of Being 

Chapter 25: Fundamental Measurement Concepts 

Chapter 26: Why the Units Really Matter 

Chapter 27: The Choice of a Yardstick: What Einstein Really Meant 

Chapter 28: Finding the Center 

Chapter 29: What is a dimension, Anyway? 

Chapter 30: New and Improved! The Three Dimensions: Coming Soon

Chapter 31: The Three Accelerations and Einstein’s Elevator

Chapter 32: The Linear Dimension

Chapter 33: Let it Roll, the characteristics of the Rotational Dimension

Chapter 34: The Vortex

Chapter 35: Phi

Chapter 36: The Character of Dimension

Chapter 37: Hurricanes

Chapter 38: Coriolis and the Euler Acceleration

Chapter 39: Galaxies

Chapter 40: Gravity: An Exact Solution

Chapter 41: The Equivalence Principle

Chapter 42: Summarizing the Equations for Light

Chapter 43: Those Cosmic Jets

Chapter 44: The T3 Equation

Chapter 45: Dear Dr. Einstein 

Chapter 46: Conclusion

Chapter 47: Afterword

The Vortex Thruster: A proposal – COMING SOON! 


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